The modern customer experience is proving tricky to master. Each year, call center executives invest over $11.5 billion in customer experience management and call center automation in hopes of achieving the increased revenues and profitability associated with superior customer experiences. Yet, despite these efforts, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index reports that CX quality has dipped in recent years, the biggest drop since the survey’s inception, and 57% of customers feel that their experiences with brands have worsened. 

To help answer this dilemma, ACT (Advanced Call Center Technologies) has written a paper titled, Optimizing Call Center Operations in the Age of Rapid Change and Digital Disruption. In it, we explore how the rapid adoption of self-service and automation, omnichannel, customer channel hopping, personalization and the employee experience have all morphed customer expectations, thereby shaping the modern customer experience. We then outline the 10 points necessary to successfully adapt one’s CX program and improve results.

You can access the white paper here.

About ACT (Advanced Call Center Technologies)

ACT was founded 27 years ago on a winning formula – that the best solutions integrate Employee Experience (EX) + Customer Experience (CX) + User Experience (UX) + Digital Experience (DX) + Multi-experience (MX) for an outstanding Total Experience (TX) overall. We call it the Total Experience Formula™. Today, many of the world’s leading brands and Fortune 50 trust ACT to be an extension of their business to unlock their ability to respond quickly to rapidly changing competitive, business and compliance environments, to anticipate and scale for future needs, to outmaneuver their competition, to lower operating costs, to improve efficiencies, to drive revenue and increase customer engagement.

As a 100% employee-owned company, we have placed Employee Experience at the center of our business strategy because we know that engaged employees ensure the best customer outcomes. As shareholders in the business, our Employee Owners have a personal interest in delivering value to our clients, and their motivations are uniquely aligned to our clients’ success. When clients first come to us, we consistently find it to be an opportunity to transform their CX design and outcomes with a Total Experience approach, starting at the Employee Experience level.

ACT offers the operational expertise, technologies and best practices that you expect from a world-class BPO, combined with the innovative solutions, flexibility and individual attention that you can only get from a 100% employee-owned company. Learn more at our website