Celebrating Excellence: ACT’s Forbes Award Shines a Spotlight on Employee Ownership

Feb 23, 2024 Hunter Croft
Excited Employee Owner High Fives Coworker

At Advanced Call Center Technologies (ACT), we are thrilled to announce our recent recognition by Forbes ranking us among America’s Best Large Employers in 2024. This prestigious accolade is a testament of our relentless commitment to our employees, our ongoing dedication to removing friction from their work processes, and the unique work environment created from being a 100% employee-owned company, known as an ESOP or Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

The Link Between the ESOP Model and Employee Engagement:  The link between employee ownership and engagement cannot be overstated. According to Inc Magazine, ESOPs play a pivotal role in motivating and engaging employees by fostering collaboration, innovation, and providing the autonomy needed for professional growth. At ACT, this philosophy has translated into tangible results, with a 31% drop in employee attrition since our conversion to the ESOP model.

Driving Business Outcomes: ACT, the largest ESOP in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, places Employee Experience at the heart of our business strategy. The alignment of employee motivations with client success has led to double-digit revenue growth and rapid expansion, setting us apart in an industry that faced declining revenues over the past few years. As an employee-owned company, our workforce is inherently invested in delivering value to our clients. This alignment of interests has created a culture of excellence, as evidenced by our client retention rates, which are 3x industry norms. Our clients are the beneficiaries of enhanced service delivery, better tailored solutions, higher customer satisfaction, and greater proactive issue resolution. They gain a competitive advantage by partnering with ACT and experience a stronger client-provider relationship. We invite you to learn more by reading our blog titled, “How Employee Ownership is Combatting Dropping Employee Engagement and Morale.” 

Conclusion: In celebrating our Forbes award, we acknowledge the pivotal role that our ESOP model plays in achieving excellence. The recognition from Forbes is not just an accolade; it is a testament to the success of a unique employee ownership culture that goes beyond traditional business models, employee pizza parties, or slogans. As we continue to innovate and grow, our commitment to employee ownership remains steadfast, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standards of service and satisfaction.

About the Forbes Award: The prestigious annual ranking, developed in collaboration with Statista, is the outcome of an extensive survey conducted among employees of U.S. companies boasting more than 5,000 workers. This survey sought feedback from respondents regarding their employer, asking them to provide ratings and indicate whether they would recommend their workplace to others. Valuable insights were gathered from current employees, those who had been part of the company in the past two years, and individuals with knowledge of the company through their connections in the industry. It’s important to note that, in alignment with Forbes’ commitment to fairness, companies were not charged for consideration on Forbes lists.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the ACT difference, and the positive impact we can create within your organization.

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