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How do you free up your valuable in-house resources, reduce overall costs, and automate repetitive tasks? By outsourcing the back office operations that are slowing you down. With ACT as your partner, it’s more than just time and effort you’ll save. Your data is telling a story that you don’t have time to hear. We can listen for you, using advanced data analysis to both predict repeatable successes and detect potential problems before they arise.

  • Retail
    Customer service, product and store support, card services, warranty, technical support, back office solutions

  • Healthcare
    Member and provider customer service and retention, member enrollment support, claim inquiries, medical equipment support

  • Travel & Hospitality
    Customer acquisition and retention programs, reservations and cancellations, loyalty programs, satisfaction surveys

  • Financial Services
    Customer care, customer acquisition and retention services, fraud & dispute management

  • Utilities
    Connection support, crisis management, routine inquiries, automated technology solutions

Document and Order Management

Order Processing

Let ACT help you fulfill orders and process applications by getting the right information accurately and efficiently.


It’s time to close the filing cabinet for good by automating your document / application processing with digital capture and imaging.

Process Automation

Our technology team builds solutions that improve or augment your workflow process, ultimately driving better customer experiences and lowering cost of operation.

The ACT Difference

Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes

We have extensive experience interfacing with credit bureaus and their reporting infrastructure, including e-Oscar system for Automated Credit Dispute Verification (ACDV) and Automated Universal Dataform (AUD) processing.

Fraud & Dispute Management Solutions

Interactive Voice Response Systems

Whether as a frontend gateway to a live service representative, or as an on-demand customer service / solution provider on its own, ACT can develop an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform that is perfect for your business. Ranging from very simple to extraordinarily complex, ACT’s IVR platforms increase self-service ability and efficiently guide customers to the right area servicing.

The ACT Difference

Our Agents

We can support your staffing needs quickly to provide quality service with minimal interruptions to your organization.

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ACT provides you direct access to information that is required and essential to manage your vendor relationship.

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