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Stand out to students with an integrated customer experience on campus, online, and everywhere in between

The challenge.

Student demands and the pandemic have pushed classes online and all your services - classes, payments, lending - to digital faster than expected. Now you need to unify every aspect of the student experience to deliver a truly modern digital university.

Securing Student Data

Siloed and increasingly complex datasets create payment delays and disruption for the student, the university, and the lender. As new digital platforms continue to multiply across the student experience, it’s essential that you understand and control all those data points to protect student security and privacy.

Build Simple Experiences

From web portals and campus apps to student lending tutorials, your students expect every digital experience to be as simple as Spotify and TikTok. That means unified platforms that seamlessly connect student data and are backed by expert agents who can resolve issues with confidence.

Enable Student Devices

Today’s student experience is driven as much through their smartphone, laptop, and smartwatch, as much as it is by interactions on campus. Keep students connected with modern troubleshooting and support solutions.

The ACT advantage.

Students expect the same seamless omnichannel experience from their universities and lenders as they get from their favorite commercial brands. ACT has decades of experience in transforming customer experiences for Fortune 500 brands. Trust our experts to modernize the total experience for your students and enable a true digital university.

Higher Data Compliance Standards

Higher education businesses are dealing with more student data than ever before. Our experts have decades of experience protecting data for the strictest standards of compliance - global banking and healthcare among others. We bring that standard and experience to protecting your students.

Committed Support Agents

Whether it’s student lending issues, emergency IT support, or campus facilities inquiries, your students need immediate responses from trusted experts. ACT is 100% employee-owned which means our agents have a vested interest in making sure your students get real solutions.

Total Experience Focused

Our services are about unifying every digital touchpoint to ensure you understand, meet and exceed the needs of your students. ACT goes beyond simple issue resolution to help you optimize processes, integrate platforms, and create the best possible total experience from the student's perspective.

Service offerings.

We provide a complete portfolio of solutions for the education industry.

Customer Care

Our experienced agents ask questions, listen actively, and seek out the right solutions for your questions with a sense of urgency and empathy.

Billing & Payment Services

We will assist your customers with any account-related matters such as card activation, balance/transactional, and billing/statement inquiries professionally.

Help Desk

Leverage our agents' expertise to resolve your customers' IT-related issues professionally.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Our experienced agents will help identify and stop any suspicious or fraudulent activities to protect your customer's interest.


We help students navigate through their application process for a streamlined, stress-free customer experience.


All student verification will be executed quickly and accurately in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Back Office Services

With our established back office procedures, you can free up resources by automating repetitive processes like document/order management and credit bureau disputes.


Claims Management

We will perform investigations, identify the root cause(s) and ensure any claims are settled quickly and completely.

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