Perfect experiences from unboxing to upgrade.

Deliver greater value with a total experience that matches the quality of your products.

The challenge.

Your teams invest countless hours refining and perfecting your hard products. Now your customers need every digital touch point to match and enhance the quality they expect from your brand’s products. That means understanding, tracking, and perfecting every user interaction over every digital channel from the day they unbox to the day they decide to upgrade to your latest release.

Securing Customer Data

Customer loyalty starts with confidence and trust in how your brand protects their sensitive data. As you differentiate between applications and web-based services, it’s essential that you understand and control all those data points to protect customer security and privacy.

Seamless Support and Value-added Services

You need to make sure the customer support and digital services that complement your product match the high standards of your brand. That takes best-in-class integrations backed by expert agents who can resolve issues 24x7x365 and establish confidence with your customers.

Actionable Customer Usage Analytics

Today’s customers expect omnichannel support and product troubleshooting - online, in the app, and over the phone - however they choose to interact with your brand. Use deep user analytics to optimize your customers' total experience no matter what digital channel they choose to engage with your brand.

The ACT advantage.

Work with a leader in total experience to make sure the physical and digital experiences of your brand are undeniably world-class. Whether it’s talking live with an agent to troubleshoot a product feature or using customer data to optimize your product’s smartphone app, the experience needs to enhance your brand. ACT has decades of experience in protecting and transforming customer experiences for some of the most complex Fortune 500 brands.

World-class Data Compliance Standards

You want customers to engage with your brand in-store, online, over the app, and even connected to their cars. Make sure every digital touch point is secure. Our experts have decades of experience protecting data for the strictest standards of compliance - global banking and healthcare among others. We bring that standard and experience to protecting your customers.

Digital Backed by Expert Agents

The experience over the phone is just as important as how well the product works out of the box. ACT is 100% employee-owned which means our expert agents have a vested interest in making sure your customers have an excellent experience.

Total Experience Focused

Our services are about unifying every digital touchpoint to ensure you understand, meet and exceed the needs of your customers. ACT goes beyond simple product troubleshooting and issue resolution to help you optimize processes, connect new channels, and create the best possible total experience from the customer's perspective.

Service offerings.

We provide a complete portfolio of solutions for the technology industry.

Customer Care

Customer Care

Our experienced agents will ensure they deliver the right solution and solve any problems with urgency and empathy.

Back Office Services

With our established back office procedures, you can free up resources by automating repetitive processes like document/order management and credit bureau disputes.

Billing & Payments

We will assist your customers with any account-related matters such as card activation, balance/transactional, and billing/statement inquiries professionally.

Social Media

Social Media Communications

We will interact and engage your brand with customers on the platforms they actively use to build stronger brand affinity and engagement.

Chat, SMS, Email

We enable your customers to engage with your brand in whatever channel they prefer; be it SMS, email, chat, social, or voice.

Community Management

Our experienced agents have advanced expertise in moderating specialized resources including technology forums, member communities, and social network groups.

Help Desk

Leverage our agents' expertise to resolve your customers' IT-related issues professionally.

Data Security

Our agents are trained and experienced in serving a variety of needs across industries with the strictest standards of compliance to protect customer security and privacy.


Our expert team of compliance professionals have undergone rigorous training, certification, and continuous education to ensure your business meets regulatory requirements and operational compliance.

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