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Your customers demand a seamless experience across all channels – live and virtual. Our Total Experience formula is digital native with a human face.

The challenge.

As subscribers look for ways to consolidate their streaming services, make sure your brand comes out on top. Keeping subscribers engaged means differentiating your services and introducing enticing new bundles without disrupting the experience of your core product. That means leveraging subscriber data across the total experience to ensure data security, billing, support, and account management all match your brand’s overall standard of quality.

Securing Subscriber Data

Subscriber loyalty starts with confidence and trust in how your brand protects the sensitive data of your customers. As you differentiate between new services, bundles, and billing options, it’s essential that you understand and control all those data points to protect subscriber security and privacy.

Zero-lag Billing and Support

You’re delivering the ultimate entertainment experience. You need to make sure the billing and support management on the backside is just as flawless. That takes best-in-class integrations backed by expert agents who can resolve issues 24x7x365 and establish confidence with your subscribers.

Actionable Subscriber Usage Analytics

Today’s omnichannel subscriber experience needs to flawlessly jump from laptop to smart TV to smartphone and back again without impacting the viewing experience. That same high standard extends to billing, support, and account management. Use deep user analytics to optimize the total experience of your customers from streaming behavior to account administration.

The ACT advantage.

ACT has decades of experience in protecting and transforming customer experiences for some of the most complex Fortune 500 brands. Trust our experts to modernize the total experience for your subscribers and ensure the account and support aspects of your services are as flawless as your core product.

World-class Data Compliance Standards

Media brands are dealing with more subscriber data than ever before. Our experts have decades of experience protecting data for the strictest standards of compliance - global banking and healthcare among others. We bring that standard and experience to protecting your subscribers.

Digital Backed by Expert Agents

Whether it’s billing, troubleshooting, account management or just resetting a password, make sure your subscribers have access to trusted experts. ACT is 100% employee-owned which means our agents have a vested interest in making sure your subscribers have an excellent experience.

Total Experience Focused

Our services are about unifying every digital touchpoint to ensure you can monitor, meet and exceed the expectations of your subscribers. ACT goes beyond simple issue resolution to help you optimize processes, integrate platforms, and create the best possible total experience from the subscriber's perspective.

Service offerings.

We provide a complete portfolio of solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

Customer Care

Customer Care

Our experienced agents will ensure they deliver the right solution and solve any problems with urgency and empathy.

Billing & Payment Services

We will assist your customers with any account-related matters such as card activation, balance/transactional, and billing/statement inquiries professionally.

IT Support

Employ our agents’ expertise to effectively address your buyers’ IT-related issues.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Prevention & Detection

Our experienced agents will help identify and stop any suspicious or fraudulent activities to protect your customer's interest.

Sales Support

Our agents provide exceptional inbound and outbound sales support, as well as customer assistance for your subscribers.

SMS, Email, Chat

We enable your customers to engage with your brand in whatever channel they prefer; be it SMS, email, chat, social, or voice.

Social Media

Social Media Communications

We will interact and engage your brand with customers on the platforms they actively use to build stronger brand affinity and engagement.

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