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Humanize healthcare communications.

Healthcare customers have unique customer care needs. At ACT, we provide exceptional attention to every patient’s situation, needs, and well-being.

*ACT is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified.

The challenge.

The healthcare industry is sensitive and complex. Without experienced customer care experts, patients might face misunderstandings, repetitive communications, and inconsistent messaging, which can lead to frustration and negatively affect their care – and your company’s brand perception.

Ensuring Compliance

Due to the complexities of the healthcare industry, finding and retaining agents with the right experience and expertise to serve your customers can be difficult. We have an expert team of agents who have undergone rigorous training, certification, and background checks to support inbound and outbound patient inquiries, enrollment, sales, and more. We can scale to client needs and currently support some of the nation’s largest healthcare providers for their customer care programs.

Unique Business Needs

With the nature of the healthcare industry, most service providers, with their one-size-fits-all solutions, will fall flat in creating a caring customer experience that differentiates you from other providers.

Employee Experience Matters

Typical service providers place profit above the wellbeing of employees which can lead to high turnover and lack of experience or tenure among agents. Lack of engagement with their employer and poor preparation for their roles can lead to a poorer customer experience for your patients.

The ACT advantage.

For healthcare providers to deliver the highest quality of care, a focus on outstanding customer experience is essential. At ACT, we go beyond the call to ensure that every customer interaction is handled with the utmost professionalism, expertise, and commitment to finding a resolution.

Experience and Tenure

As employee-owners, our agents know that your success is our success. The average tenure of our agents significantly exceeds industry standards, and more than 93% of our leadership team began as agents. Our retention record reflects the outstanding commitment, experience, and motivation of our agents, translating to a better patient experience.

Engaged Employees

We strive to provide the best employee experience because a happy employee is more invested and dedicated to helping you achieve better patient engagement.

Licensed & Experienced Agents

Our agents are licensed and experienced to help you deliver healthcare service across many categories, including Medicare/Medicaid, Commercial Payor, and more.

Industry Gold
Standard of

ACT has achieved HITRUST certification for its strict compliance to data security and third party risk management.

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Service offerings.

Here are the service offerings we provide for the healthcare, wellness, and pharma industry.

Licensed Sales

Licensed Sales

Our agents are able to carry out licensed sales and enroll customers and patients in new plans, new services, and more.

Patient Questions

Patient Questions

Our licensed and experienced agents will address any medical or healthcare-related inquiries or concerns in a caring and empathetic way.

Welcome Calls

From the very first welcome call, we will familiarize customers and patients with the benefits and services of their plan.

Medical Claim

Health Insurance Claims

We will help customers/patients navigate through their health insurance claims process and ensure any claims are settled with maximum customer satisfaction.

Omni channel

Omnichannel Communications

We enable your customers to engage with your brand in whatever channel they prefer; be it SMS, email, chat, social, or voice.

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