Transforming the telecom experience.

Telco consumers have high service expectations. With ACT you can expect unparalleled customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty.

The challenge.

The telecommunications industry revolves heavily around customer support, sales, issue resolution, and more, so it’s no surprise that many telcos often run into these challenges with the average business process outsourcing provider.

You Need Custom Solutions

Seeing that the telco industry is a commodity service, most service providers offer cookie-cutter solutions that fall flat in creating a customer experience that differentiates from competitors.

Employee Experience Matters

Typical service providers place profit above the well-being of employees, which leads to high turnover and poor customer outcomes. Many BPOs struggle to fill seats and their agents rely on a scripted message as they have no source of expertise – which is damaging to your brand.

Better Service Leads to Better Sales

Customers that face many obstacles to service and purchase have lower brand affinity and are less willing to continue purchasing your product or service, leading to lost customer relationships.

The ACT advantage.

Your customer care provider is the human voice of your brand. You need a partner who is responsive, solution-focused, and determined to set your company apart. That’s why, at ACT, we always go beyond the call.

Total Experience

Customer experience is more than an agent interaction with a consumer. A business must optimize the many touch points across a spectrum of experience channels – digital experience (DX), user experience (UX), employee experience (EX) – across all channels, for an integrated multichannel experience (MX). Our custom solutions take all aspects of experience into account to create the best, holistic brand interaction.

We Empower Our Employees

We place employee experience at the center of our customer experience strategy. We know from experience – and third party research - that an employee who feels good about their job is more likely to have better customer interactions too. As a 100% employee-owned company, our employees’ motivation is uniquely aligned to our clients’ success. When they create value for your business, they benefit directly themselves.

Tailor-Made Solutions

We treat every business need with a white glove. We start with a thorough understanding of your specific needs, and end with a comprehensive, custom solution.

Leading-Edge Technology

As a tech-forward, AI-enabled provider, we offer omni-channel support across voice, email, chat, and text. We have a strong background with Salesforce, Hubspot and other major CRMs, and many other enterprise technology platforms. Based on your needs, we may develop custom applications and in-store experiences to improve conversions and streamline the customer journey.

Immediate Issue Resolution

If our agents identify any disruption in sales, they will proactively identify areas of opportunity to improve customer satisfaction by performing deep analytics and constant monitoring of issues.

Service offerings.

We offer a broad range of services for the telecommunication industry.

Customer Support

Customer Care

Our experienced agents ask questions, listen actively, and seek out the right solutions for your questions with a sense of urgency and empathy.

Sales Support

Sales Support

Our agents provide exceptional inbound and outbound sales support, as well as customer assistance for your retail stores.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Prevention, Detection and Claims

Our experienced agents will help you manage risk prevention and mitigation. Our solutions leverage advanced predictive technology to detect potential threats and trigger warnings. Our agents then initiate investigations, identify fraud,and ensure any claims are followed up and settled.

Issue Resolution

Issue Resolution

We help resolve any issues your customers face in an accurate and timely manner. Our technology solutions include predictive analytics to evaluate and identify trends, alerting you in advance to any service challenges or vulnerabilities.

Omni channel

Omnichannel Communications

We enable your customers to engage with your brand in whatever channel they prefer, and have optimized experience across every customer touchpoint, whether SMS, email, chat, social, or live voice.

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