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ACT interacts with thousands of people every day across every touchpoint of the customer journey. We serve a wide range of industries in our quest to deliver amazing experiences. As an employee owned company, our people are uniquely invested in our client’s success.

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Customer Care

  • Customer Care
  • Sales Service
  • Fraud and Dispute Management
  • Back Office Support
  • Omnichannel Capabilities
  • Multi channel

    Multi-Channel Service

    More than just answering phone calls, we offer complete customer communication options along with end-to-end engagements.

  • Relationship Management

    Relationship Management

    From the very first interaction, we educate your customers on your benefits and services. From then on, we focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Account Services

    Account Services

    We assist your customers with account-related matters such as card activation, balance/transactions, fraud prevention and detection, claims, billing/statement inquiries, outbound and inbound upselling, technical support, and more.

  • Exceptional Sales Support

    Exceptional Sales Support

    Leave it to our experienced sales agents to solve customer problems, drive results, close the sale and increase your profits. Moreover, our agents will provide customer assistance and assist with application fulfillment.

  • Relationship Management

    Relationship Management

    Our agents will proactively offer companion products and upsell existing engagements to help your customers get the most out of your product and services.

  • Customer Courtesy

    Customer Courtesy

    From the moment we onboard your customers via a welcome call, we educate them about your benefits and services. Moving forward, we will assist your sales team by providing live support to process orders.

  • Business-to-Business Commercial Service

    Business-to-Business Commercial Service

    Our agents will support your business and help maximize your profitability and customer satisfaction through the entire account life cycle.

  • Fraud Investigation

    Fraud Investigation

    You can entrust our experienced agents to handle the entire fraud lifecycle including prevention, detection, case set up, affidavits, and investigation.

  • Customer Relationship

    You can rely on our agents to help you with dispute processing, consumer verification, and the handling of card service cases such as the suspension of a lost or stolen card.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Dispute Resolution

    Our agents will identify the root cause of the dispute, provide updates to your customers and accurately work through the dispute process promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Transaction Verification Services

    Transaction Verification Services

    Our experienced staff will help identify and stop fraud to protect your customers at the point of sale.

  • Document and Order Management

    Document and Order Management

    Let us help you fulfill your order processing and automate your document/application process with digital capture and imaging.

  • Process Automation

    Process Automation

    Lower your cost of operation and drive better customer experiences with our technology team to build solutions to improve or augment your workflow process.

  • Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes

    Credit Bureau Reporting and Disputes

    Leverage our extensive experience interfacing with the credit bureaus and their reporting infrastructures for Automated Credit Dispute Verification (ACDV) and Automated Universal Dataform (AUD) processing.

  • IVR

    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

    Increase your organization’s self-service with your very own IVR to efficiently guide customers to the right area of service.

  • SMS, Email, Social, Chat

    We offer support across all media, engaging with your clients in the channels they prefer.

  • Technology-enabled

    Our solutions integrate AI technologies, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and predictive analytics to streamline communications, monitor sentiment, detect trends and ensure optimal customer experience.

  • Chatbots

    Our Total Experience experts engineer custom solutions leveraging speech analytics and conversational AI to automate and optimize the customer journey.

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