2023 TX for Payors Executive Report

Total Experience in a Healthcare Insurance Setting is the Ultimate CAHPS Hack

Delivering 5-star member experiences in healthcare payor settings demands a strategic and all-encompassing Total Experience approach. While it is crucial to consider all aspects of the Total Experience spectrum, including CX, UX, DX, and MX, it is EX that is very often overlooked, despite its significant impact. ​

The secret to a robust Total Experience program lies not only in prioritizing employee experience, but also in taking critical action to solve for the complexity of the job, and providing effective tools and interventions to position member care agents for success. Organizations that recognize the essential role that the employee experience takes within the overall Total Experience and how it influences and integrates with customer, user, digital, and multi-experience components, can forge stronger connections with members, exceeding their expectations at every touchpoint and driving better CAHPs scores.

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