Everyone remembers great customer service.

ACT understands the potential impact that every single interaction with a customer can have on your business. Our agents undergo extensive training to certify technical knowledge of your product, brand awareness, and program details. Every campaign includes integrated quality assurance / compliance measures, plus performance metric analysis to ensure your customers always have the best possible experience.

  • Retail
    Customer service, product and store support, card services, warranty, technical support

  • Utilities
    Connection support, routine service and payment inquiries, automated technology solutions

  • Mortgage
    Fulfillment support, quality assurance, customer service, welcome calls, acquisition support, work flow management

  • Financial Services
    Customer care, customer acquisition and retention services, fraud & dispute management auditing

  • Communications
    Customer services, technical support, automated response systems, product support, retention and loyalty programs

Multi-Channel Service

Complete Customer Communications

We do more than answer phone calls —  we’re a full service customer communications company. Our programs incorporate multiple channels to match your customers preferred communication method. ACT offers cutting edge self-service options including custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform development to engage your customers with automated voice, web chat, and e-mail correspondence options. These programs are designed with tight controls to ensure the right message is being presented to your customer regardless of their channel preference.

End-to-End Engagement

From the first call to the final submission of a digital contract, your entire custom service cycle can be entrusted to ACT.

Relationship Management

Welcome Calling

ACT onboards your new customers by educating them to the features and benefits of your product or service. It’s a perfect opportunity to update their customer profile with the most current information, as well as consider additional services such as getting enrolled in online access or setting up autopay.


Our agents are experienced at handling those difficult conversations about account closure or customer dissatisfaction, and can be trained to anticipate challenges unique to your business.

Taking a bad situation and turning it into a win/win that keeps customers takes experience and know how. ACT agents go through extensive certifications learning how to listen to customers and build lasting relationships.

ACT agents have the skills to understand your product and service billing schemas, no matter how complex. For the customer, getting an answer to a question is ok…but getting the right answer delivered efficiently and confidently creates a great customer experience. That’s what our ACT agents do—that’s why our clients rely on us for their customer interactions.

Customer Surveys

Customer feedback is critical to your success and our partnership. ACT can seamlessly include survey opportunities in customer communications, collecting information about your products or the customer service being provided. Results are analyzed to provide opportunies for improvement during the entire duration of your program. Surveys are a great tool to ensure you are providing the best product or service.

Account Services

Card Activation

Card activation programs are designed to promote usage, offer balance transfers, and solicit online enrollment — all at a very strategic point in the customer relationship. We can customize these programs to your specifics, providing the right offer for the right customer.

Balance / Transaction Inquiries

Now you can provide customers with ondemand routine balance, transaction or general account questions. These simple but important customer interactions can leave a lasting impression — ACT strives for perfection.

Billing / Statements Inquiries

ACT agents have the skills to understand your product and service billing schemas, no matter how complex. For the customer, getting a good answer to a question is ok…but getting a great answer makes an impact. That’s what our ACT agents do — that’s why our clients rely on us for their customer interactions.

Technical Support

When your customers have technical issues, let our experienced agents expertly guide them to a quick resolution.

  • Password resets
  • Navigate sites
  • Product information
  • Knowledge database
  • Help Desk
  • Software upgrade
  • Application support
  • Troubleshooting

The ACT Difference

Our Agents

We can support your staffing needs quickly to provide quality service with minimal interruptions to your organization.

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Customer Experience

Today’s consumers have choices, let ACT provide best in class service to your customers to drive loyalty and profitability.

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Channel Preference

Consumers prefer to communicate in a variety of ways. Our programs balance self service with flexible IVR’s and our agents have the ability to communicate by phone, chat, or e-mail.

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ACT provides complete transparency in all business operations which is essential to building great partnerships. ACT is PCI, ISO, and SSAE16 certified.

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